My Vision

Why I'm Running.


I am proud to be running for the state legislature to represent the nine towns of Connecticut’s 64th House District. 

I’m running for state representative because this is a moment when state government is more important than ever.  If Washington Republicans are going to threaten the vital services that protect our neighbors and our environment, Connecticut is going to have to step up and protect access to reliable, affordable health care; foster economic growth to create more well-paying jobs, and support high-quality, accessible public education. Now is the time to stand up.

The election in 2016 was a shock to the system, but it created a powerful wave of opposition.  It brought the Women’s March, when millions of women and their allies stood up all over the world.  It was clear that resistance was not theoretical, naïve, or unfocused  – there was a potent, positive, optimistic force out there that could achieve tangible good.  

I am running for office because of the values instilled in me by my family. I am a Democrat, but I grew up in a family that voted Republican, the kind who believed in personal responsibility and hard work.  I believe in those principles, but I also see that they aren’t always enough today to succeed. So many good people are doing their best, working hard, and playing by all the rules, but still falling behind.

I lost my mother in December,  so she is very much on my mind as I embark on this campaign.  She was deeply patriotic, and I remember watching her knock on doors and collect signatures for causes she believed in. She believed you must participate in the process - that we must all stand up. She believed that there should be equal opportunity for all.  And she did not tolerate empty complaints: if you don’t like something, don’t sit around and talk about it, change it.

Another thing my mother instilled in me was the value of education. Teachers have been pivotal in my life. I owe my success and, more than that, my sense of self and my capacities to the many great teachers I have had. I believe all children should be able to lead happy, successful lives. Today we have ample evidence of the role of education, particularly early education, in enabling that success, and it’s vital that we fight to ensure that all children have access to a quality public education.

Education also matters in healthcare.  The opioid epidemic is hitting us hard here in the Northwest Corner, but there’s evidence that early intervention can help.  My husband and I helped raise the money to fund a program in local schools to prevent substance abuse, and it’s in place today.

I am a fundamentally pragmatic person.  In my life and career, I have focused my energies on where I could make a tangible difference. In Salisbury, where I live with my husband, three kids, and dog, that led me to join a group of people who worked to raise the money to build the new Firehouse. It has made a real difference in our community life, and I encourage all of you to visit that Firehouse to understand what it means to the volunteer firefighters who protect our communities every day. Eight years ago I joined the board of Women’s Support Services in Sharon, a vital organization fighting to end domestic violence, and one of the few that  provides counseling and services right here, in a rural area that is otherwise starved for social services. I was honored to serve as chair of that board for three years.

 I am running for the state legislature because I believe in fairness and the obligation of the government to protect the most vulnerable among us. Before moving here, I had careers in both finance and law. As a federal prosecutor, I faced drug dealers, money launderers, and all kinds of complex fraud. Those we prosecuted were often dangerous, not just because they were violent, but because they were powerful, and willing to use that power at the expense of the most vulnerable. It is those cases, where vulnerable people were targeted, exploited and attacked, that still resonate with me today. I know how to deal with bullies - I will never back down.  

I am running for office because I want to be part of tackling Connecticut's fiscal challenges. I’ve worked as a financial analyst and I’ve chaired nonprofit boards. I know my way around a balance sheet. I currently serve on the Salisbury Board of Finance, which provides a regular counter example to national politics, of citizens working together in bipartisan collaboration to make our communities stronger and more financially stable. We have tough decisions to make in Connecticut. The state budget is in crisis and has been for more than a decade. Now is the time to address the budget head-on. I believe I can help shape cost-effective policies that protect our people in the Northwest Corner and make long-term investments in our communities and environment.  

So I am running for office. Literally. Our district is the largest geographically in the state, including Salisbury, Sharon, Cornwall, Kent, N. Canaan, Falls Village, Norfolk, and parts of Goshen and Torrington - with lots of miles to cover. I’m lacing up my marathon sneakers to run through our towns, hear what you have to say, listen to your ideas and concerns, to get to know you, your families, and your friends and neighbors.  

I hope to meet you along the way. And I hope to serve you as the next representative of the Northwest Corner.

I look forward to our journey ahead.  

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Maria Horn

Candidate for CT State Legislature, 64th District