Election Victory

As all of you know, this campaign was hard-fought and non-stop. Both candidates kept the focus on the issues important to us in the Northwest Corner: jobs, healthcare, education, the environment, and getting our state finances on a sustainable track to support these crucial investments. I look forward to working with Rep. Ohler on the transition and to working with my new, amazing colleagues in Hartford to represent all of us in the District. 

I cannot thank you enough, dear friends, volunteers and supporters. More thank yous will be coming in the days ahead. In a close election such as this, it is truly the case that every vote counted, every volunteer made an impact, and every conversation mattered. That includes the many conversations I have had with those who may have supported my opponent: I have learned from all of you and look forward to continuing that conversation as we begin the work ahead. We all want to live in a vibrant, healthy and harmonious community and I will work hard to support and protect those values for us in Hartford.

I think we all need a little time to breathe. I know I do. We would love to have a victory celebration and will announce something soon - date and place TBD. 

If you have a Maria Horn lawn sign and would like to keep it, please bring it in today. We will be picking them up so our roadsides can return to their uncluttered beauty. 

Enjoy this beautiful day.