Lakeville Journal: Maria Horn deserves your vote for the 64th District

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/04/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

I have not been active in the political arena for nearly 25 years, but have long been frustrated by what I perceive as a shallow pool of talent for many elective offices. I experienced a rush of adrenalin, however, when I first learned of Maria Horn’s extraordinary credentials. Her initiative has restored much of the hope I had lost for the future of Connecticut. The 64th District can ill afford not to send this woman to Hartford.

Like Maria, I was born into a solid but traditional Republican family. I served as vice chair of the Salisbury Republican Town Committee in the mid-60s to early 70’s. From 1984 until 1990, I had the pleasure of serving in Ronald Reagan’s second administration. I can recognize much of my own political DNA in what Maria Horn stands for.  

Maria will head to Hartford with an arsenal of ideas to address such local issues as the threatened closure of Sharon Hospital’s maternity ward and the opioid addiction crisis. She will endeavor to find ways to reduce the increase in prescription drug costs and tame federal policy encroachments on the existing Affordable Care Act.

Maria will not be able to avoid the political hurricane as the Legislature confronts desperately needed fiscal reforms. There will be no option for “on-the-job-training” when it comes to the requisite skills for confronting the State’s bankruptcy. Her competition’s worthy record as a decorated war veteran and services as a citizen volunteer, laudable as they are, do not equip one to do battle with political and fiscal hurricanes.

It is probable that Maria’s experience as a former prosecutor for the Southern District of New York and financial analyst with J.P. Morgan make her the single most qualified person running in the entire state to sit in that particular chamber at this time. I can confidently suggest this because I preceded Maria’s tenure at J.P. Morgan with my own career there. I know first hand the nature of the rigorous training and discipline this most respected of global financial institutions instills in its officers.

Maria’s training can spot a flaw in a spread sheet 20 pages thick. As a criminal prosecuting attorney, it would be supremely reckless for anyone to try to pull the wool over Maria’s eyes. Meanwhile, her service on Salisbury’s Board of Finance gives her an intimate familiarity with the options all nine municipalities in our district might have to consider in the face of further cuts in the funding of local programs.

The citizens of Connecticut’s 64th District are extraordinarily fortunate to have Maria run for this office and I, for one, am honored to give her my endorsement.

Howard (Chico) Aller