Republican American: Maria Horn focuses on environment in 64th District

First appeared in the Republican American on 10/31/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

Clean air and water, and healthy natural resources, support our farms, our industries and our bodies. These are essentially environmental issues. Maria Horn, Democratic nominee for Connecticut’s 64th House District seat, has made the environment one of her top issues. The Connecticut chapter of the Sierra Club and the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters have endorsed her.

We love our rural landscape for its scenic beauty, wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities. Our forests and farms are important to absorb harmful carbon and other emissions from the atmosphere, while state parks and conserved lands support our tourism economy, strong property values and better quality of life. Maria would strive to achieve the healthy balances we need between economic development and land conservation.

Maria is engaged in the issue of threats to air quality presented by the Cricket Valley Energy Center under construction in Dover, N.Y. She has attended all presentations by Western Connecticut Clean Air Action, representatives from town conservation commissions, land trusts and other environmental groups. Maria’s legal background will help them navigate these new challenges successfully.

Maria is also a backer of the State Water Plan, ensuring water be protected as a public trust. She supports bans on single-use plastic bags; the repeal of the gas-pipeline tax to stimulate fracked gas; and pricing policies reflecting fossil fuels’ true costs.

The Republican scorecard on the environment is very low. We need an environmental advocate for the 64th District with a comprehensive vision. Please vote for Maria Horn on Nov. 6.

Wendy Murphy


Katherine Freygang


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