Republican American: Rep. Ohler is not the ‘social moderate’ he claims to be

First appeared in the Republican American on 10/28/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

I am proud and excited to be voting for Democrat Maria Horn on Nov. 6 in Connecticut’s 64th House District election, because I know she shares my values. Too often, Rep. Brian M. Ohler, R-Canaan, votes with the most conservative wing of his party. While he has told me more than once that he is a “social moderate,” his votes in Hartford say otherwise.

He voted against a constitutional amendment to allow early voting, which restricts voter access. He voted for a Texas-style voter-ID law that would require photo identification cards to vote, which disenfranchises many lower-income voters. He voted against campaign-finance-reform bills designed to restrict dark money in Connecticut. He voted against a bill to protect undocumented minors from abusive parents. He voted against a bill to allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries to apply for financial aid at state colleges – aid that all students contribute to through their tuition, 15 percent of which goes to financial aid. (The legislation passed anyway, thanks in part to other Republicans who saw it as an issue of basic fairness.) He voted no in the Appropriations Committee in 2017 on a bill that would have provided protection to whistle-blowers. These are not the votes of a social moderate.

Maria has worked tirelessly in her community to protect abused women, to combat the opioid crisis and to improve education. She will be responsive to the needs of all of us, whether our day-to-day problems or longer-range issues. And by the way, many first responders I know will vote for her.

Susannah Wood


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