Republican American: Constituents share Horn’s priorities

First appeared in the Republican American on 10/19/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

We believe Democrat Maria Horn is the best choice to support and represent our community as the representative from Connecticut’s 64th House District. As educators, parents and grandparents, we want the best for all children. Decisions made in Hartford today not only affect our quality of life, but also impact generations to come.

Priorities for our family include affordable and reliable health care, high-quality education, a protected environment, a robust economy, and an ethical government that ensures fair opportunity for everyone. Maria Horn is uniquely qualified to fight for them.

Maria’s experiences as a financial analyst, a federal prosecutor, and a community advocate have given her invaluable insight and knowledge. Maria listens. She is practical and thoughtful when forming an opinion. She knows how to problem solve. These are traits that are crucial to being an effective representative in state government.

Our confidence in Maria has been echoed by the many endorsements she has received: the Working Families Party, the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, President Barack Obama, the Connecticut Education Association, Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Women’s March CT, NOW Connecticut Chapter, Moms Demand Action, the Sierra Club, Politica CT, and the Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association of Connecticut.

We will be proud to vote for Maria Horn to be our state representative for the 64th District. We are positive she will be an asset to the Northwest Corner!

Mark and Terri Pastre


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