Republican American: Maria Horn would be an improvement over Rep. Ohler

First appeared in the Republican American on 10/02/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

Maria Horn, Democratic candidate for Connecticut’s 64th House District seat, told a candidate forum in Torrington last month: “This is a critical moment in our history. We need a government that shares and communicates our values … We need to make sure we create a just and fair economy” (Sept. 21 story, “Dems take center stage”).

Current Republican leadership ignores James Madison’s demand that “the general welfare” is the goal of representative democracy. The priorities of the Republican Party are exemplified by cruel cuts in social services, crippling the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, breaking promises to “Dreamers,” separating children from their asylum-seeking parents, tax cuts for the wealthy, and a corrupt and amoral executive branch. Republican leadership clings to a “me-first” belief system, best summarized as: “We already have ours. The rest of you can fend for yourselves.”

This is not the blueprint for building the great nation envisioned by our parents and grandparents. These are not governing principles our children can be proud of. As a citizen of northwest Connecticut, I prefer that we follow the admonition of my civics teacher, who told my class, “We call ourselves the USA, because it is a country for all of us.”

Ms. Horn’s opponent, Rep. Brian M. Ohler, R-Canaan, proudly touts his 100 percent attendance and a voting record that follows Republican leadership 96 percent of the time. Is there anything else there? Will he have the political courage to provide for the general welfare of northwest Connecticut citizens? Or, will he rubber-stamp an agenda dictated by the Republican Party leadership in Hartford and Washington, D.C.?

This November, I’m looking for politically courageous representatives who believe in, and who will fight for, the general welfare of the Northwest Corner. I’m not interested in anyone whose loyalty to the Republican Party trumps all else. I’ll be supporting Maria Horn.

Stephen Ivain