Lakeville Journal: Snowbound Mothers

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 09/05/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

It was bitterly cold, the snowflakes reflected in the light of the headlights as they came steadily down. A few inches of powder covered the gravel road although it had just been plowed. We inched down the hill in four-wheel drive, and turned onto Route 4, where the car tracks lead through the powder off into the distance. 

I was timing the pain when we turned into a plowed parking lot, the lights of the building were ablaze. The door opened as we walked to the entrance, a nurse was standing there with a wheel chair. The relief to arrive, the welcoming warmth that greeted us, left a strong impression as I was pushed upstairs to the Maternity Unit to have my first child.

Two-hundred-and-fifty mothers give birth every year at the Sharon Hospital. Although many may plan their births, some babies arrive early and sometimes with unexpected complications. It is a sad thought that women in the Northwest Corner might have to drive hours on icy roads to get the professional help they need to have a safe delivery.

That is why Maria Horn, who is running for state House Representative in our area, the 64th District, believes that the Sharon Hospital should keep their Maternity Unit open. 

She is the mother of three children. She understands what it means to a woman, worried and uncertain about both her health and her child’s, to have to drive long distances in bad weather to get the medical help she needs.

A community hospital should treat the whole community. Let’s keep a small but professional maternity open at Sharon Hospital.

Let’s hear from other mothers on how they feel.

Liz Piel


SH, EditorMeghan FlanaganSH, Editor