Lakeville Journal: Maria Horn is our best choice in the 64th

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/18/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

Based on the record and the results of the recent debate in Falls Village, I have concluded that Maria Horn is the best choice for the 64th district.

Mr. Ohler’s good deeds and local public service are well-known and admirable, including his support for local fire, rescue, and police personnel, and his service to our nation in the military. Mr. Ohler would be an outstanding mayor for any number of small towns in the NW corner.

However, Mr. Ohler is not running for mayor.

He has proven he does not represent ALL OF US in the NW corner, by consistently rubber-stamping the values and interests of the powerful and wealthy in the Republican Party. We are not wealthy or powerful in the NW corner, and do not live lives dictated by Hartford or Washington DC values. These values reflect the self-interest of the current immoral Republican administration, acting purely out of fear of our repugnant President. Ohler has not demonstrated the political courage needed to tell the Republican Party in Hartford when it is promoting immoral and selfish policies intended to benefit only the wealthiest among us.

I urge everyone in the NW corner to vote this year for the BEST candidate, Maria Horn. Maria’s tenure in Hartford will bring reason, imagination, and a broad range of fiscal and legal expertise to our representation at the state level. In addition, Maria is equally knowledgeable and fully engaged about our local NW corner issues, such as the potential closing of the maternity ward at Sharon Hospital. She will be equally effective at solving similar local problems.

Michael Kelley
Torrington, CT

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