Lakeville Journal: Maria Horn, a remarkable opportunity for 64th

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/25/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

Our opportunity is to have a representative who not only can fix things and be on the scene, but also go to Hartford with our most challenging issues in hand and create real plans for moving us towards more economically sound, environmentally secure, and ultimately healthier communities.

Maria has leadership skills we rarely see in a candidate. She has a vision shaped by thousands of conversations, and top-notch skills honed as board chair for our local non-profits, as a prosecuting attorney, and as a financial analyst. She gets big projects done. This means she thinks strategically, which means she articulates goals clearly, does excellent homework to understand the landscape, engages all stakeholders, is quick to cite practicality, and is transparent about her process all the while. Maria is the comprehensive candidate. We know this because we have worked with her in leadership roles and been closely involved in this campaign process. You won’t meet a smarter, more compassionate person.  

Maria Horn’s candidacy is a remarkable opportunity for our region that we hope you will take by voting for her on November 6. Let’s not mess this up. Please vote Maria.

Anne Zinsser and Katherine Freygang


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