Lakeville Journal: Horn passionate about making a positive difference

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/25/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

I strongly support Maria Horn to be our new 64th District state representative.  She is extremely well qualified to become a legislator, with legal experience as a federal prosecutor and financial experience on her town’s board of finance, as well as leadership positions on a number of local boards. Maria is energetic, hardworking, and passionate about making a positive difference for all of us living in the Northwest Corner.

I cannot vote for Maria’s opponent, Brian Ohler, because I believe he failed to represent the interests of the Northwest Corner town where I live. That failure began with his absence at the Kent town meeting at which Birch Hill presented its plans for a proposed third substance abuse clinic seeking to be located in our town — plans that were strongly opposed by the vast majority of those present at a standing-room-only hearing attended by representatives of diverse town interests. His absence was particularly notable because, at the time, he was working as a paid consultant to Birch Hill.  

Indeed, he wrote a glowing endorsement of the proposed facility on his official state representative’s letterhead and sent it to the Connecticut authorities charged with ruling on Birch Hill’s application. He served the interests of his paying client rather than meeting his obligations as an elected official: to provide honest, conflict-free representation on behalf of the citizens he was elected to serve.

If elected, Maria Horn will devote her full energy to working as our State Representative. Please vote for her on Nov. 6!

Suzanne Charity


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