Lakeville Journal: Now is the time to elect Horn

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/25/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

There are some elections where people study the candidates and go with what they think is the best among uninspiring choices. Then there are years when people are so excited about a candidate they actually get up off their couches and go out to tell the world. One extreme example is that for years people in Kent went to Roberta Willis, a Democrat representing the House 64th District, for help even though she did not represent us.  

She always explained to us how we could make our schools better, what we could do to keep the river clean, how we could improve our healthcare, and, after Newtown, what we needed to do to make Connecticut the safest state in terms of gun violence. Finally, the Democratic Town Committee of Kent said we had to become part of Roberta’s district.  Everyone said it couldn’t be done, but we did it.

Now we are faced with another election, another choice for Roberta’s old district.  Reading Maria Horn’s website, listening to her speeches, and most recently hearing her responses at the recent candidate forum at HVRHS, it is clear Maria should be that choice. She has done her homework, she isn’t even in office, but she understands what we need to do to make the Northwest Corner function better and has researched ideas of how to make that happen. She demonstrated that already when Sharon Hospital peremptorily decided it would alter the charge under which it operates.  

When Kent has problems, Maria is the person we want to be out there solving them for us because we know she will gather the facts, interview the concerned parties, and work out solutions we hadn’t even thought of. Maybe it is the combination of her work as a federal prosecutor with her experience serving on local non-profit boards that has given her the combination of know-how and insight that we need. If northwestern Connecticut is going to prosper, it needs her smarts and her ability to go full out for us. We need her talents and we need them now.

Betty Krasne


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