Lakeville Journal: I am voting for Maria Horn

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/25/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

While my mother was in Noble Horizons, I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with another resident. A very lovely woman, who was warm, kind and always greeted you with a smile: Pat Horn. Then I met her, daughter, Maria Horn. I instantly recognized her mother’s genuine qualities in her.   

After the 2016 election, women across this country stood up for the things that they cared about. One of the defining trends of 2018’s upcoming elections: more women are running for public office than ever before.  Maria Horn is one of those women.  

Maria, like thousands of other women, are running for the right reasons: because they deeply care about the direction of our state and country.  

After 16 years of representing the 64th District as your state representative, I know full well what the job entails: dedication, legislative knowledge and cooperation, the ability to gain the respect of colleagues, ideas that allow for new approaches, and, most importantly, an ability to translate voters’ concerns and needs into legislative action.  Maria’s energy in her community work and the way in which she has reached out to voters over the past eight months has been nothing short of incredible.  

I know firsthand that it takes more than words to make a difference. It takes hard work, commitment, clear beliefs and a willingness to take on tough challenges. These are qualities that will make Maria Horn an effective leader. 

I am proud to support her.  

Roberta Willis


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