Lakeville Journal: Questionable advertising in representative race

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 10/25/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

I’ve been puzzled recently by the sweeping claims in the Brian Ohler lawn signs:  

“Veterans for Brian”, Women For Brian,” etc. The implication is that all, or even most, veterans endorse Ohler, which is certainly not true. I’m married to a veteran and he doesn’t like the guy at all. He doesn’t like the way Ohler plays on his military service to gain sympathy and support. That seems more like opportunism than patriotism. For the record, I am the daughter of a serviceman who died in battle. His mission — though fatal for my dad — saved many other lives. I never heard his brothers in arms bragging about it.   

 And what about those  “Women for Brian” signs? I am fortunate enough to have many many women friends. Almost all are dead set against Ohler. They, and many men, are voting for Maria Horn because of her intelligent, honest and strategically sound approach to the issues confronting our area: jobs, affordable housing, health care.    

Everyone must, of course, vote  for the person they  believe would best serve the needs of Connecticut’s 64th District. But it’s vitally important that their belief is based on fact, not on self-serving or unsubstantiated claims.

Marjorie Palmer


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