Lakeville Journal: Good reasons to vote for Maria Horn for 64th District

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 9/05/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

In June, I attended the “Moms Demand Action” rally in Kent. This rally expressed solidarity with the victims of gun violence, with emphasis on preventing future mass shootings like those in Newtown, Parkland, Pulse Nightclub and Las Vegas. 

I learned at this gathering that the National Rifle Association, based outside Washington, demanded that Maria Horn, a candidate for the 64th District, complete a questionnaire on gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment. If she complied, Ms. Horn would receive a “score” from NRA HQ. If not, NRA HQ assured her they would question her patriotism and target her candidacy.  

In my opinion, Ms. Horn took a courageous stand and did not succumb to bullying and extortion by NRA HQ. 

Ms. Horn’s friends and neighbors in the Northwest Corner are law-abiding patriots who support common sense regulations for gun purchase and ownership. They are poorly represented by an over-funded, self-aggrandizing NRA management who plan to demonize and intimidate her. Who made NRA HQ in Washington the arbiter of patriotism in northwest Connecticut?  

Before the 2016 election, Brian Ohler completed his NRA  questionnaire and was rewarded with its endorsement and a rating of 86 percent.“ I am wondering: Will Mr. Ohler also renounce the bullying and intimidation practices of NRA HQ?  

I’m going to the polls in November looking for courageous officials who believe in and will fight for the general welfare of all of us in the Northwest Corner. This means I’ll be supporting Maria Horn.

Michael Kelley


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