Lakeville Journal: Some reasons to vote for Horn

First appeared in the Lakeville Journal on 09/05/2018 here.

Letter to the Editor:

I will vote for Maria Horn for the 64th District of the Connecticut state House, because she is not endorsed by the NRA, although her opponent is.  While the NRA once promoted gun safety now it promotes gun sales.That doesn’t improve school safety or public safety.

In 2016, her opponent’s campaign was backed by independent spending from a PAC supported by Sheldon Adelson, of gambling fame. Mr. Adelson was Donald Trump’s largest campaign donor. Why should he, who doesn’t live in Connecticut, have influence over our local government through advertising? I find this distasteful. My vote is not for sale.

Brian Ohler voted against an act (HB 5421) that would have the president elected by the national popular vote, and not the Electoral College, an act which passed the Connecticut House. The Electoral College is a remnant of our slave-owning nation and not relevant today. I disagree with Mr. Ohler’s vote on that matter and others.

Maria Horn is a well-educated woman with banking experience and a law degree. She is an excellent listener. She has been a federal prosecutor and has successfully defended the rights of disadvantaged persons.

We need more women, mothers and Democrats in our government, in my opinion. Maria is all of those. Let’s put her in the General Assembly.

Malcolm Brown


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