Working Families Party

I’m thrilled to accept this endorsement and pledge to fight for an economy in the Northwest Corner that works for everyone," Horn said. "Republican candidates are vowing to eliminate our state income and estate taxes, while giving even more breaks to corporations. These actions overwhelming benefit the wealthy, would gut vital funding for programs that hurt everyone else, and would leave our working families even further behind. This has to stop." 

With the Working Families Party endorsement, Horn's name will appear twice on the general election ballot in November, as both the endorsed Democratic party candidate on Row A and the Working Families Party candidate on Row C.

"The Working Families Party is proud to endorse Maria Horn for state representative," said CTWFP state director Lindsay Farrell. "At a time when Republicans in DC threaten our healthcare, public schools, environmental protections, and fundamental rights, our state needs proven advocates like Maria who will stand up for what's right. Maria understands that meaningful economic growth can only be measured by the success of our working families, and that we cannot cut our way to prosperity."

Horn supports raising the minimum wage in CT to $15 an hour. "Working people deserve a living wage," Horn said. "Too many of our neighbors must work two or three jobs to make ends meet." 

She will also push for creating family-friendly workplace policies like earned family medical leave, so people can afford to take time off to care for a newborn or a sick parent. 

Horn applauds the Working Families Party's missions to guarantee fair funding of public schools, tackle the student debt crisis, ensure every worker can retire with dignity, hold corporations accountable, and get big money out of politics. "When workers win, we all win," Horn said.