Running With the Fabulous Bazzano Twins

I’m just going to say it: There is no better way to start your day than to go for a run with Mary Reeve and Margaret Alexson, otherwise known as the Bazzano Twins of Norfolk. Yes, it was raining and hovering around 32 degrees, but the warmth and positive energy of these dynamic women made it seem like a sunny day. We covered a lot of ground in conversation, too, from Norfolk’s new affordable housing units and how important they are for young people starting out, to the pleasures of finding common ground with people you run with, to their tales of the ultra-marathons they’ve run. They even stuck a bag of chocolate-covered strawberries in my bag on the way out! These are women anyone would want to have on their team - they could move mountains. Thanks to both of them for letting me join them this morning!

Maria Horn