Coffee and a Run in Norfolk

I finally got to take the inaugural run of the campaign! I started the morning in Norfolk, joining Rev. Erick Olsen’s regular Coffee Hour at Berkshire Country Store. I enjoyed a great conversation with the gathered group about civic engagement in our towns, and creative ways to generate it. Coffee is always a good draw, but so, it turns out, is the game of Pictionary, which is a staple of a regular game night for a women's group.  

Another draw is the Berkshire Country Store itself, and it was a privilege to chat with co-owner Ryan Craig about his vision for making it a gathering space for the town, including the store’s very own ghost, John O’ the Woods, a local character from the 1800s featured on the store’s logo.  Check out his legend on their website,  

The run itself was beautiful. I ran on Mountain and Westside Roads along Spaulding Brook. It was a little soggy out there, but the gray mist softened everything and made the landscape feel a little mysterious. 

Maria Horn